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Franklin Kerkhof, a Washington, DC, fan, was a founder of WSFA and a member of the Elders. He was involved with running early Disclaves.

Another co-founder, Chick Derry, recalled in 1987:

One Sunday evening in September, 1947, still flushed with the Sense of Wonder, those immortals of history met at the home of Frank Kerkhof. This basement apartment was aptly named the Coal Bin, because prior to 1942 it had been just that. Greed, coupled with the tremendous pressure of housing shortages during the war years, caused the building's owner to create an apartment where once a rich treasure of black gold had reposed.

A large galvanized tub of the type with the number 32 embossed on its bottom reposed in the middle of the single room. Ice and bottles of beer (probably Gunthers or Senate, which were cheap and local) filled the tub....

From the Coal Bin the fledglings moved their meetings to the Transportation Building. Frank Kerkhof worked for some mysterious department involved with the American railroad system. 

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