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Fran Dowd is a (primarily) conrunning fan living in Sheffield, UK. She is married to fellow fan John Dowd.

Her first contact was through the University of Warwick Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. She then spent five years in the United States after which she returned to the UK where in 1987 she met John at a Birmingham fandom New Year party. She became a 'sort-of chair' – she usually prefers the term 'sofa' – of the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Society in 1990, and attended her first convention, Novacon 20, later that year.

Following Intersection, the 1995 Worldcon, she chaired Disection, the post-Worldcon relaxacon in Sheffield, and became involved in the planning of Intuition, the 1998 Eastercon which she ultimately chaired as well. She followed this by chairing Paragon 2 in 2005 and co-chairing Contemplation, the emergency replacement Eastercon in 2007.

She founded the CHEFF APA in the 1990s.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Odyssey 2010 GoH profile

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