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(July 21, ????–)

Florence S. Anderson (née Stephenson), a fan from St. George, Utah, active in the 1940s and ’50s, was president of the N3F Ladies' Auxiliary. She founded the N3F bureau in 1949.

In TNFF, [volume 8, number 3 (June 1949), where she was profiled as “Fan o' the Month,” she said:

This project is not my original idea, it has been tried twice to my knowledge. But I saw the need for it, I had faith in its success, so I set forth with every power and talent at my command. Nor do I want all the credit for success, with­out the fine support given by Eva Firestone, Arniece Gurley, Mrs. David H. Keller, and many others I would have failed. I am very happy over the success of our try so far, and I hope this organization will go on to fulfill its highest possibilities----to help the women have a fuller and more active part in fandom and develop their many talents, and be of service to all fandom.

She had quit, and the auxiliary was deactivated, by 1950.

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  • 1949 — N3F Fan o' the Month for June

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