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Fat Cat Books was started in 1973 as a mail-order science fiction business by Brian Perry in Johnson City NY. After attending a few cons, it became a convention huckster business as well, starting with Boskone in 1974. In 1976, a brick and mortar retail store was opened. Since then, the store has expanded greatly, adding first comics and then Dungeons and Dragons. D&D led to additional role-playing games and other science fiction and fantasy related merchandise.

Brian]], with his wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Perry, continued ownership of FCB until the summer of 2010 when the brick and mortar business was sold to long-time manager Tawna Lewis who renamed it Fat Cat Comics to emphasize the new product focus. Brian and Betsy retained the name Fat Cat Books for an possible reopening in its original books only form after they retire from Binghamton University. They maintain an occasional presence as FCB on ebay in the meantime.

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