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(Did you mean a Virginia library "mini-con"?)

FantaSci is a convention held in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, since 2019, as a celebration of military sf, gaming and STEM education. Writer H. P. Holo described it as "one of the sister cons that sprang up from The Royal Manticoran Navy’s now-defunct HonorCon, in the form of a multi-fandom con with emphasis on the works of David Weber and the ever-growing Four Horsem[e]n Universe helmed by Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy."

FantaSci declared Lifetime Guests of Honor at the start — all three above authors, together with their spouses, Sharon Weber, Joy Wandrey and Sheellah Kennedy. (Not all of them could attend every time; in 2023, it was just the Wandreys.) It has just one annual Guest of Honor, but supplements with Special Guests, even more “Guests” and a separate music GoH.

Con Dates Guest of Honor Notes
FantaSci 2019 March 22–24, 2019 (all Lifetime ones?) First of the series. “FantaSci 2019 Con Update!” con report by H. P. Holo
FantaSci 2020
FantaSci 2021 March 19–21 May 21–23, 2021 Timothy Zahn[1] date changed on February 6 due to Covid-19[2]
FantaSci 2022 March 25–27, 2022 Eric Flint, "In Absentia" Flint had to cancel early March
FantaSci 2023 March 24–26, 2023 Richard A. Knaak
FantaSci 2024 April 19–21, 2024 Kevin J. Anderson

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