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Small press started by Tehani Wessely (Tehani Croft Wessely).

It began publication from Perth, Western Australia in 2010, but relocated, in 2012, to Launceston, Tasmania, before moving again, in 2014 , to Canberra, A.C.T. In 2016, it was announced that it would be in hiatus following Conflux. In 2017, it published at least one book. In 2018, it announced that it would be moving again.

Publications include:

  • Worlds Next Door, edited by Tehani Wessely (2010)
  • Australis Imaginarium, edited by Tehani Wessely (2010)
  • After the Rain, edited by Tehani Wessely (2011)
  • To Spin a Darker Stair by Faith Mudge and Catherynne M. Valente with illustrations by Kathleen Jennings (2012)
  • Epilogue, edited by Tehani Wessely (2012)
  • Splashdance Silver (Mocklore Chronicles 1) by Tansy Rayner Roberts (2013 reprint)
  • Liquid Gold (Mocklore Chronicles 2) by Tansy Rayner Roberts (2013 reprint)
  • Canterbury 2100, edited by Dirk Flinthart (2013 reprint)
  • The Bone Chime Song and other stories by Joanne Anderton (2013)
  • One Small Step: an anthology of discoveries, edited by Tehani Wessely (2013)
  • The Aware (Isles of Glory 1) by Glenda Larke (2013 reprint)
  • Path of Night (Night Beast 1) by Dirk Flinthart (2013)
  • Focus 2012: highlights of Australian short fiction, edited by Tehani Wessely (2013 e-book)
  • Ink Black Magic (Mocklore Chronicles 3) by Tansy Rayner Roberts (2013)
  • Gilfeather (Isles of Glory 2) by Glenda Larke (2013 reprint)
  • Unbound Pre-Order Bonus E-Book: Veiled Worlds Exclusive Content by Jo Anderton (2013), Unbound being at that time the projected title of book 3 of her Veiled Worlds series (now renamed to Guardian)
  • The Tainted (Isles of Glory 3) by Glenda Larke (2013 reprint)
  • Flower and Weed by Margo Lanagan (2013 reprint)
  • Sanction (Night Beast 1.5) by Dirk Flinthart (2014)
  • Guardian (Veiled Worlds 3) by Jo Anderton (2014)
  • Pratchett's Women: Unauthorised Essays on the Female Characters of Discworld by Tansy Rayner Roberts (2014 e-book)
  • Focus 2013: highlights of Australian short fiction, edited by Tehani Wessely (2014 e-book)
  • Phantazein, edited by Tehani Wessely (2014)
  • Cranky Ladies of History, edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely (2015)
  • Havenstar by Glenda Larke (2015 reprint of a book written as Glenda Noramly)
  • Insert Title Here, edited by Tehani Wessely (2015)
  • The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower by Kate Forsyth (2016)
  • The Tallow Wife by Angela Slatter (2017)

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