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FFE is a publishing company run by David Ritter that researches early fandom and publishes a weblog and books featuring facsimile copies of early fannish material.


  • The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom, a series of lavishly-illustrated volumes
    • Volume One: The 1930s was published in 2020 as a massive 9"x12", full-color, 512-page, $150 hardcover giving a history of the birth of fandom illustrated with photos and facsimiles of letters and fanzines. It was written by David Ritter and Daniel Ritter with assistance by Jeff Diperna and Wendy Gonick. Sam McDonald and Kate Baxter are also part of the First Fandom Experience. The volume was also made available as an ebook. Also published in 2019 was a ~100-page, paper-bound "Preview Edition".
    • Volume Two: 1940 was published in 2021.
  • The Complete Science Fiction Digest and Fantasy Magazine: Vol 1: Science Fiction Digest.
  • The Complete Science Fiction Digest and Fantasy Magazine: Vol 2: Fantasy Magazine.
  • Cosmos: Facsimile Edition.


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