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For the ill-fated 1982 Eurocon 7, see Festival der Fantastik; for the eighth, Seacon '84.

Eurocon 8 (or VIII, as Roman numbering was preferred by the time) was held September 16-18, 1983 in wikipedia:Cankar House, a recently finished congress centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, within the local Fantazija series (also hosting natcon Yukon). There were at least 1500 attendees, possibly even way more.

This was actually the first Eurocon in an odd year and second in a socialist (although unaligned and comparatively liberal) country. It was inserted after the crisis of 1982 Eurocon at the insistence of the Yugoslavs, enthusiastic about their success, after overcoming some reluctance of the ESFS.

The numbering retained the skip from Eurocon 5 in 1980 to 7 in 1982 – its late addition also meant that for some time, it was expected that only the Seacon '84 would be "Eurocon 8", and this number was used it its early promotion.


Festival der Fantastik Eurocon Seacon '84
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