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(1973 – )

Emily Pohl-Weary is a Canadian writer, editor and university teacher of creative writing. She has written SF and fantasy books, often young adult. She is the granddaughter of Judith Merril and Frederik Pohl, daughter of their daughter, Ann Pohl (born 1950).

Pohl-Weary started publishing "zines" (non-fan personalzines), in 1996. She published "her own literary magazine" (together with artist Paola Poletto) Kiss Machine between 2000 and 2008 and also served as a managing editor of Broken Pencil, "the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts."

Her 2002 biography, Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril, won the Hugo Award for Best Related Book. The book uses much material Merril wrote herself, or prepared with her grandddaugher's help, so Merril and Pohl-Weary are given as co-authors, in this order.

According to Alex Mylnek in Taddle Creek, Summer 2004:

Pohl-Weary helped Merril with the book for several years before she died, visiting with her on a weekly basis and recording their conversations for about an hour at a time. After her grandmother’s death, Pohl-Weary was left with tapes of their interviews, three completed chapters, and a list of memories and events Merril wanted included […] With money Merril left her in her will to finish the book, Pohl-Weary spent the next four years piecing together her grandmother’s life story.

Paul Di Filippo's review in Asimov's said:

Assembled from scraps, fragments, previously published essays, and polished manuscripts by Judith Merril's granddaughter, Emily Pohl-Weary (who has done a superhuman job and deserves immense credit), this book ranks with Damon Knight’s The Futurians (1977) for its insights into the field, most essentially the SF of the late forties, early fifties, and swinging sixties.

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