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(Were you looking for the Seattle fan or Dave Clement the filker?)

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Dr. David Clements is a Senior Lecturer in Astronomy at Imperial College, London. Introduced to fandom through ICSF, he chaired Picocon 4 and was on the committee of Eastercon, Illumination. He's run the Science Programme at various Worldcons, including Anticipation, MidAmeriCon 2, and Worldcon 75 and worked with John Bray on Intersection and Loncon 3.

Dave was Hal Clement Science Speaker at Boskone 52 and GoH at Keycon 32 and Mancunicon. He writes short form SF as David L. Clements, collected in Disturbed Universes.

He runs the Science for Fiction Writers presentation series where science fiction authors can hear about cutting edge science from practising scientists.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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