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(Do you mean the Dallas Future Society?)

A club formed by Orville Mosher and Tom Reamy in Dallas, TX, in late 1953. It was the first SF club in Texas, and was named in homage to the Futurians of New York. Its clubzine was CriFanAc, which Mosher and Reamy traded off editing.

It sponsored Southwestercon VI (organized by Tom Reamy and Randy Brown) over the July 4th weekend in 1958 and on the last day of the convention, July 6, 1958, the DFS membership voted to disband the club. Mosher, who seemed to be the club's behind-the-scenes politician had just been elected president, when Reamy moved to disband the club. The motion passed, and Mosher disappeared from fannish history, while other members of the DFS continued to meet socially for many years.

This all undoubtedly had some connection with the Big 'D' in '59 Worldcon bid.

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