Conestoga '98

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Conestoga '98 was held June 26-28, 1998, at the Sheraton Tulsa Hotel, on 41st Street near Highway 169 in Tulsa, OK. GoHsincluded Connie Willis, Artist GoH David A. Cherry, Toastmaster Mark Simmons, Fan Guests of Honor Jim Satterfield & Susan Satterfield, and Special Guest Carole Nelson Douglas. The con chair was Roger Allen. The play was All Alone, After the Fall of a Very Long Night. Charity activities during the convention benefited the Tulsa Zoo.

This was the second Conestoga. The con suite was disrupted by a party of football players across the hall holding a going-away party for their coach. This was the year that Soonercon and Thundercon (both in Oklahoma City) and DefCon in Tulsa all decided to shut down operations.

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