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Conestoga '97 was held March 21-23, 1997, at the Radisson Inn at the Tulsa Airport in Tulsa, OK. GoHs included Barbara Hambly and George Alec Effinger, Artist GoH Joy Marie Ledet, Toastmaster Robin Wayne Bailey, Fan GoH Gerald Burton, and Filk GoH Tom Smith. The con chair was Curtis Berry. The play was the Star Bores Trilogy. Charity activities during the convention benefited the American Cancer Society.

This was the first Conestoga. The con suite doubled as a second video room, showing British movies and TV episodes. Saturday evening, the tap on one of the beer kegs broke, and beer had to be saved in pitchers from the hotel kitchen. Parking was difficult, and there were few places nearby for fans to eat. Only a couple of people signed up for the masquerade, so one person came out on stage in several different costumes.

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