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Con*Cept 2007 was held October 12-14, 2007 in Montreal, QC. GoHs: David Weber, Tanya Huff, and Jean-Louis Trudel, and Media GoH was Jeremy Bulloch. Special Guests were GM and game designer Jean-Claude Tremblay, miniature painters Team Montréal, fencing masters l'École d'escrime ancienne "les Duellistes", and brewer Raymond Beauchemin. MC was Larry Stewart.

Other participants included Paul Bennett, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Jeff Boman, Keith Braithwaite, Timothy Carter, Joel Champetier, Lyta Firebird, Glenn Grant, Andrew Gurudata, Peter Halasz, Christopher Hammock, Tanya Huff, Brian Lkierans, Nancy Kilpatrick, Claude Lalumiere, Derwin Mak, Violette Malan, John Mansfield, Linda Ross-Mansfield, Yves Meynard, Steve Miller, Charles Mohapel, Lloyd Penney, Yvonne Penney, Pascale Raud, Christian Sauvé, Rob St-Martin, Dr. David Stephenson, Hayden Trenholm, Jean-Louis Trudel, René Walling, Jo Walton, Stirling Westrup, Andrew Pidcock (Loopy), Shirley-Carol Landry, Lucien Soulban, and Tessa Wojdylo.

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