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Con*Cept '98 / Boréal '98, Canvention 18 was held October 2-4, 1998 at the Days Inn Downtown in Montreal, QC. GoHs were Robert J. Sawyer and Yves Meynard, Artist GoH was Mario Giguère, and Grand Master Fan GoH was Forrest J Ackerman. MC was Larry Stewart.

Other participants included Joel Champetier, Carolyn Clink, Kathryn Cramer, Julie E. Czerneda, Glenn Grant, David Hartwell, Thierry Labrosse, Manix X-nites, Jean-Pierre Normand, 1998 CUFF winners Lloyd and Yvonne Penney, Jean Pettigrew, Daniel Semine, Mark Shainblum Angloman, Dr. David Stephensen, Sv Bell, Jean-Louis Trudel, Edo von Belkom, Olivier Xavier. Participating clubs were KAG, KDIC, MAA, and MONSFFA.

The 1998 Aurora Awards were presented at the convention.

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