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Colossus was a 36-page, single-issue fanzine published in Winter 1943 by Donald Houston and Terry Overton.

Futurian War Digest #24 (November 1942) refers to the 'forthcoming Overton-Houston fanzine (price 6d, 40 half-foolscap pages, out Dec 1st)' but Overton's own Galaxy #4 (January 1943) implied without naming the title that it hadn't yet been published but 'all going well, it will occur during January. In fact we can almost guarantee this.'

J. Michael Rosenblum reviewed it in Futurian War Digest #26 (February 1943):

Good going for a wartime fanzine. The format and duplicating are well up to standard and though the fiction and articles are open to quite a bit of improvement, this is only to be expected in a first issue. It's up to fandom at large to see a good standard is reached in future. Special mention for the 'Fantasy Index' feature which commences by giving details of the first ten issues of Scoops in the exhaustive Farsaci manner. Next issue is due out about the end of February. Oh, details? Price 6d.

There was however no second issue. At the Midvention in April 1943 R. Rowland Johnson spoke with Houston about 'Phoenix (formerly Colossus) which may or may, not see the light of day'. As far as we can tell, it didn't.

Publication 1943
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