Caitlin Bestler

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(March 15, 1956 – August 8, 2021)

Caitlin Bestler

Caitlin Bestler was a Chicago fan active in the 1970s and ’80s. Caitlin's given name was Charles Barrett "Chip" Bestler; she transitioned ca. 1986.

Thursday began in the dorm room Bestler shared in the ’70s with Phil Foglio. Bestler co-chaired Capricon 1 in 1981, held in Evanston, Illinois; worked on Windycon; was part of the Chicago in 1982 Worldcon bid; and performed with Moebius Theatre.

Bestler was married, for a time, to fellow fan Leah Bestler; they had two children, Jessica and Ian.

Caitlin gafiated in the late 1980s and moved to California by the early 2000s. She was a systems architect. She died of complications of esophageal cancer.

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