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Charlie S. Williams
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(Did you mean Charlie Williams, the fan from Knoxville, or Charles Williams, the British author?)

(September 16, 1947 – April 26, 2021)

Charles Stephen “Charlie” Williams was one of the original members of Nashville, TN, fandom and attended every Kubla Khan.

Under the name C. S. Williams, he published the story "A Sticky Business" in the Thieves World anthology Uneasy Alliances.

He was married to Anita Williams and later to Patricia “Patsy” Williams-King, who survived him. The son of James Ira and Helen Marie Starkey Williams, Charlie graduated from East Nashville High School and from Tennessee Technological University in Drama. He loved to play the guitar and was known for his impeccable memory. He was a long-time employee of Measurement, Inc.

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