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(February 16, 1938 -- February 16, 2009)

Chuck Crayne was fan mostly known for his conrunning and primarily active in the 60s and 70s. He was an active member of LASFS (and he edited many issues of its newszine De Profundis), and was a founder of NASFiC and Bouchercon.

He played a leading role in two failed LA Worldcon bids, LA in '75 and LA in '81. He co-chaired Funcon II (the 1969 Westercon), and the Los Angeles in '69 bid which resulted in the 1972 Worldcon, LACon, all with Bruce Pelz. Funcon II was the outgrowth of Future Unbounded, a con-running organization he helped to found. He helped set up Con-Fusion to sponsor Project Art Show.

He won the Evans-Freehafer Award in 1968 and was OA of The Cult -- perhaps even more often than George Scithers. He was a member of Los Angeles Clubs#The Blackguards.

He was married to fan and author Dian Crayne.

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