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Canadian Science-Fiction Association. A national association formed thru affiliation, in early 1948, of the McGill/Montreal SFS, the Toronto Derelicts, and the Lakehead SFS of Hamilton, Ontario. Each constituent club was to have a vote in electing an executive group; any three fans could constitute themselves a club and obtain a vote; individual fans could join and have all membership privileges except a vote. Other groups later affiliated were the CAFP, two correspondence clubs (Les Croutch's Northern Fantasy Fan Federation and Alastair Cameron's Fantastellar Association) plus locals at London (Ontario), Halifax, Ottawa, Windsor, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. A newsletter was published and numerous projects were under way in 1949, but collapse or lacktivity on the part of most of the constituent clubs soon brought the CSFA to a standstill (Autumn 1950). In the spring of 1951 the Winnipeg group (formed Autumn 1950) assumed the burden of reviving the CSFA. Chester Cuthbert assumed the presidency. A circulating library was put into operation in 1952, and Alastair Cameron's notable fantasy classification system and a Canadian fan directory were also published that year. By early 1953 the group included 5 clubs and 150 fans, 100 of these club members.

In Alastair Cameron's Fantasy Classification System, copyright 1952, the address of the CSFA is given as 54 Ellesmere Ave, St. Vital, Manitoba.

The club was very sercon, being almost entirely interested in written SF and not in fanzines or conventions.

By the end of 1953, the CSFA was essentially defunct.

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