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From Cry of the Nameless 111, January 1958.

(May 27, 1929 –)

Burnett Roland Toskey, Ph.D., a Seattle, WA, fan was a member of the Nameless Ones (and served in multiple offices) and the Cry Crowd from about 1950 to about 1965. He was elected OE of SAPS in 1988 and was still at it in 2021.

He was burlesqued in The Musquite Kid Rides Again in 1960.

His work on Cry of the Nameless won the 1960 Best Fanzine Hugo.

He is the author of several stfnal books for young adults, including Parsnips and Prune Juice (1993), as well as the nonfiction works College Algebra: A Modern Approach (1962) and Concertos for Violin and Viola: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia (1983). He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Washington in 1959.

He moved to the Los Angeles area in 2012.

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