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Boskone 3 was a convention held October 1-3, 1966 at MIT in Cambridge, MA. The GoHs were John W. Campbell and Oliver Selfridge. It was chaired by Erwin Strauss and attendance was 68. Boskone 3 was run by Erwin Strauss and not by BoSFS (which ran Boskone 1, Boskone 2 and Boskone 4) due to a belief that one Boskone a year wasn't enough. (This may have been true, but two Boskones a year were too many.) While Strauss ran the convention, due to its location on campus, it was officially sponsored by MITSFS.

This was part of the modern series of Boskones. The first series (held during WW II) had been forgotten by the time the modern Boskone started, so the modern series again started at 1. To distinguish, first series Boskones use Roman numerals, and modern Boskones use Arabic numerals. (Boskone III was held in 1943.)

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