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Boréal 2004, Canvention 24 and the 25th Anniversary of Boréal, was held October 29-31, 2004 at the Days Inn Hotel Métro-Centre in Montreal, QC.

Canvention GoHs were Julie E. Czerneda, Candas Jane Dorsey, and Yves Meynard.

25th Anniversary Guests were René Beaulieu, Jean-Marc Gouanvic, Norbert Spehner, and Elisabeth Vonarburg.

Boréal Special Guests were Joël Champetier, Johan Heliot (France), Henri Lœvenbruck (France), Frédéric Ouellet, Karl Schroeder, and Patrick Senécal.

Film Guests were Eric Bilodeau, Maurice Devereaux, Isabelle Hayeur, and Jarrett Mann.

Comics Guests were Alain Ducharme, Thierry Labrosse, Michele Laframboise, Claude Payment, and Martin Villeneuve.

Author guests included Natasha Beaulieu, Sylvie Bérard, Claude Bolduc, Héloïse Côté, Frédérick Durand, Éric Gauthier, Serena Gentleman, Julie Martel, Francine Pelletier, Esther Rochon, Daniel Sernine, and Guy Sirois.

Editor guests included Edith Madore, Stéphane Marsan, Jean Pettigrew, and Jonathan Reynolds.

Guests for the debate on The Future of the Book: Ollivier Dyens, Jean-Claude Guédon, Pierre Lévy, and Christian Vandendorpe.

Other participants were Louise Alain, Pierre-Luc Lafrance, Claude Lalumière, Clotilde Landais, Alexandre Lemieux, Guillaume Pratte, Marki Saint-Germain, Christian Sauvé, Robert Tessier, and Jean-Louis Trudel.

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