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Booklist (BFL)
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Did you mean J. Michael Rosenblum's earlier Booklist?

Booklist was a fanzine published as the official organ of the British Fantasy Library (BFL) by first Ron Holmes and later John Gunn. According to Rob Hansen in Then it 'contained more news and notes than actual booklists'.

The BFL was formed in 1946 after the dissolution of British Fantasy Society. They offered to distribute other fanzines alongside Booklist and in September 1947 Ken Slater took up the offer with the first issue of Operation Fantast. Holmes dropped out of fandom in 1948, passing Booklist to John Gunn. Walt Willis and James White also sought to take advantage of the distribution offer for the first issue of Slant. Receiving no reply to his letters, Willis offered to mail Booklist himself and receive 200 copies and a mailing list on Christmas Day 1948.

It's a little unclear how many issues there were. The known existence of an issue numbered six implies five predecessors. Information from the British Fanzine Bibliography is as follows:

Issue Date Pages Notes
Winter 1947 4 edited by Holmes; distributed with Operation Fantast #1
Spring 1948 2 edited by Holmes
6 July 1948 8 edited by Holmes
7 1948
8 1948
9 November 1948 edited by Gunn
10 December 1948 edited by Gunn; presumably the issue mailed with Slant #1
11 May 1949 6 edited by Gunn; distributed with Science Fantasy News #3

Publication 19461949
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