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(Do you mean the earlier Tolkien Society of America or the (British) Tolkien Society?)

A club "dedicated exclusively to the study and fuller appreciation of the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and his son, Christopher J. R. Tolkien. Through our programs, we strive to bring into contact the followers and connoisseurs of these works.

"We publish a thrice-yearly journal, Minas Tirith Evening-Star, to provide a meeting ground for the exchange of ideas and joy generated by Tolkien's monumental works. Our journal includes the best in articles, poetry, fiction and a selection of reviews, games and features.

"The Society was organized in 1975; our journal began publication independently in 1967." Fl. 1975-82.

The founders were Phil Helms, Marci Helms, Paul S. Ritz and David Dettman. They later constituted its Board of Founders and were called BOFfins. {Did it have any special powers?}

They gave out the DhL -- Doctor of hobbit Letters, which seems to have been an award.

The ATS also published Appendix, the official monthly bulletin. It was included in issues of the Minas Tirith Evening-Star and published separately in the months between issues.

Branches included:

Location Branch
Detroit (northern suburbs) Fornost

Club Website 1975
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