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Bill Warren (KS)
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(Did you mean the Los Angeles Bill Warren or William R. Warren from Seattle?)

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Bill Warren was a fan from Sterling, Kansas, active in the 1940s. He was a regular contributor to fanzines such as Spacewarp, particularly of stfnal and humorous poetry.

By Bill Warren 
(From Spacewarp 29, August 1949)

The arid waste of the alien land 
stretched far before my eyes;
and my fever'd brain in sickness 
saw strange, unholy things.

And as I lay on this red, dead world, 
and knew that I must die,
I prayed that I might see 
once more a thing that spoke of Earth --
not white, soft woman nor cool, green hills;
just a bit of Earth-grown life.

And then I looked, as before my eyes
a spot of green appeared;
and in this green, the green of Earth,
I saw a lily grow. 

It grew tall and straight, and nodded slightly
as in an Earthly breeze;
and in the dew on velvet white 
I saw my Earth, my home.

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