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Barry Kent MacKay was a Canadian fanartist active, off and on, from the 1970s through the ’90s. His work appeared in a variety of fanzines, including Knights and Stet, but he gafiated suddenly and completely.

Lloyd Penney reported in a letter to Fantasy-Scope 3 (1996), p. 43:

I gather that Barry still lives in Unionville, draws nature a la J. J. Audubon, and studiously avoids fandom as a whole like the plague. I asked him about his fantasy art on a radio phone-in show on which he was a guest, and I was cut off by the seven-second delay. A little touchy, I guess.

The Sunday, May 17, 1992, issue of the Toronto Star noted: “Barry Kent MacKay is a freelance writer, conservationist and animal protectionist, director of the Animal Alliance of Canada and Zoocheck, Canada.” He is now a fairly well-known wildlife artist, drawing birds with an attention to lifelike detail far removed from the sketchy cartoons he used to do for fanzines.


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