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Attemptacon was a convention held in La Crosse, WI. It seems to have been connected in some complicated deal with with Couleecon. Until we have sorted this out, this article will have to serve!

The Science Fiction Organization of La Crosse (SOL) (founded 1976) seems to have been a major player in this, but there was also "a group of people from Minneapolis" who were involved.

Nocrescon I was planned for 1977, but fell apart because of hotel problems. It may have been jointly (dis)organized by SOL and the Mineapolitans.

Couleecon I was held 17-19, 1978 at the Ramada Inn in La Crpsse by the SOL and was organized by Joel Stadler. Fred Pohl was GoH and Madman Riley was Fan GoH.

Couleecon II seems also to have been Attemptacon IV -- but maybe not since their joint Program Book listed separate (but overlapping) committees. The Attemptacon GoHs were Fan GoH: Mike Glicksohn and Art GoH: Jim Odbert. George R. R. Martin was listed as Attemptacon Toastmaster. Finally, A. E. van Vogt was listed as just-plain GoH. (Meaning that this included Couleecon, also?) It was held in a Ramada Inn.

Glicksohn was listed as having been "last year's toastmaster" -- At Couleecon I or at Attemptacon III?

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