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Astronomicon 13, a convention scheduled for November 4–6, 2022, had been originally slated to be held in person October 29–31, 2021, at the RIT Inn and Conference Center in Rochester, NY.

At the beginning of October 2021, the con was postponed due to the continued closure of the Canadian border in the Covid-19 epidemic and consequent loss of program participants. The committee announced that they expected "most of the GoHs and a "good number" of their program participants to attend the 2022 convention.

The GoHs will be Allen Steele (author), Sara Felix (artist), Chris Barkley (fan), Wendy & Richard Pini (comics; cancelled in 2021 due to fear of Covid-19 — will they be back in 2022?), Tom Smith (filk), Adrienne Kress (YA), Jen Zink & Shaun Duke (new media), and Neil Clarke (editor). (At one point, David Brin had been announced as a GoH.)

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