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(???? -- March 8, 2020)

Ariel Cinii, aka I Abra Cinii, Ariel Winterbrucke, Sodyera, and Abby, was a New York filk fan. She was on the convention committee for Contata from its beginning. As one of the few concom members who drove a car (and loved cars), she often provided transportation for the committee to prospective hotels.

She wrote and performed numerous songs, including “Flying Stone” and “Unknown Is Unending.” Several conventions included her in their security staff or used her fan art.

She was one of the first trans people in fandom. She won the money needed for her surgery on the quiz show $10,000 Pyramid. Her partner on the show was William Shatner. She completed her physiological transition in the early 1990s.

She devised, or remembered from a past life, a language called Sartine, which she used in her trilogy, The Touching Lands Dance. Her 2012 album, “D’al Thyann,” also uses the language in some of the songs. She was a frequent contributor to Apa Filk.

At the time of her death, she left 1300 pieces of unclaimed visual art, which are being compiled into a tribute website.

Abby is currently buried on Hart Island, with plans to raise funds for her desired cremation in the future.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

  • 2012 -- ConCertino 2012 songwriter guest
  • 2012 -- Pegasus Award nomination for Droozlin' Through the Cosmos.
  • Tribute site for Abby's visual art.
  • Abby's Flickr account with photos of many fannish events, particularly filk conventions and local regional conventions like Lunacon and Balticon.
  • Abby's music on bandcamp.
  • Abby's blog on Livejournal.
  • Abby's novels on Amazon.

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