Alice in Thrillingwonderland

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A fannish play that Karen Anderson wrote to be staged by the Little Men at Solacon, the 1958 Worldcon.

It ran a bit under a half-hour and was somewhat of a satire on prozines.

Credits: "by William Shakespeare with additional dialogue by Karen Anderson, Poul Anderson, Liz Wilson, P. A. Kingsley, George Scithers, Evan Appleman, Grendel Briarton, and Herman W. Mudgett. Based on an idea by Lewis Carroll."

The cast was star-studded:

Alice Karen Anderson
The White A. P. Anthony Boucher
Dr. Derringer Anthony Boucher
Lensman E. E. Smith
Captain Nemo Neal Wilson
Captain Tvidict George Scithers
Captain Saturday F. M. Busby
The Poka of Joka Voice by Liz Wilson
The Red Knightbell Neal Wilson
Attic-Agberg Ron Ellik and Bob Silverberg
Fred Furdwiller Ben Stark
The White Knightbell George Scithers
The March Clifton Elinor Busby
The Mad Hatter F. M. Busby

Alice in Thrillingwonderland online at

Show 1958
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