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The Albuquerque in '85 NASFiC bid was launched in the summer of 1982. It planned to use the local convention center, and hoped to run both the 1985 NASFiC and also bid for the 1986 Westercon.

The bid was chaired by Owen Laurion, and other members included Eileen Hass, Craig Chrissinger, and Wendy King. The bid was based in the Alpha Centaura local club, though most of the bid committee also belonged to the Albuquerque Science Fiction Society, though were not active in it.

Unfortunately for the bid, they had not read the rules. At the time, the WSFS Constitution required that a NASFiC much be held in the zone which would have held the Worldcon if it had not gone overseas. As a consequence, the bid did not file and was not one the site selection ballot. See 1985 NASFiC Site Selection.

1985 NASFiC Site Selection Reasonator 1985
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