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Founded by Roy Tackett, Robert Vardeman and Eugene Casey, the Albuquerque SF Society meetings were monthly during the mid-1960s. Membership in the organization eventually reached about 20 people, including Jack Speer who had moved to New Mexico from Seattle in 1961. (See also Albuquerque Fandom.)

Fl. mid-60sā€“1979.

The most prominent event in New Mexico fandom was the dinner meeting on April 11, 1966, at the Bella Vista, with about 20 people present. Guests were Jack Williamson and Don Wollheim. Wollheim was presented a facetious demand for staples instead of glue in paperback books, hearkening back to the Staple Wars of the 1940s. Caz Casadessus came down from Denver for the meeting.

There was another of the annual dinner meetings on June 15, 1968. Jack Williamson and Don Wollheim were guests.

This meeting later became referred to as Bubonicon 1, the first of the Bubonicon SF conventions. The next year, after another dinner meeting (Bubonicon 2), which also featured an appearance by Wollheim, Bob Vardeman suggested the name Bubonicon in view of the prevalence of Bubonic Plague in New Mexico at that time. Jack Speer protested, but was outvoted.

Speer seems to have regularly been outvoted. He was elected Moderator many times over his own objections ā€” he was particularly annoyed at that, so many meetings had never been adjourned and were all still in session.

Members included Eugene Casey, Jack Speer, Roy Tackett, Robert Vardeman, Dennis Virzi.

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