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Ahasuerus is the online handle of a sercon fan, collector and bibliographer who was the founder, with Al von Ruff, of the crowd-sourced bibliographic website Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB), launched in 1995 from beginnings in the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written.

Ahasuerus provided bibliographic data for John Clute/John Grant's Encyclopedia of Fantasy in the mid-1990s, but gafiated in the late 1990s–early 2000s. After revenance in mid-2005 and upgrading numerous sf articles on Wikipedia, Ahasuerus has been active as an ISFDB moderator, administrator and tester since moderator editing was enabled on May 1, 2006, and wrote the original ISFDB:Policy and created the Sources of Bibliographic Information page in 2006. Ahasuerus is also active in sf-related communities on reddit.

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