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2BeContinued 5 was a convention held May 12–14, 2006, at the DoubleTree Suites Downers Grove in Downers Grove, IL. Guests of Honor: Robert J. Sawyer*, Bob Eggleton*, Xavier Grillo Marxuach, Larry Elmore, WETA Workshop*, Aaron Douglas*. The con had the theme "Legends."

  • GoHs Sawyer, Eggleton, Douglas, and WETA Workshop did not attend the convention due to incompetence on the part of the convention management. With only days to go before the convention, Sawyer explained that plane tickets hadn't been purchased for him and, based on the cost to buy tickets at that time (more than $700), he decided not to attend, a decision further cemented by the con's erroneous claim that Sawyer was being denied entry to the US.

By the time the con took place, the hotel had rescinded most of the space allocated to the con due to a lack of hotel room pickup.

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