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The first ever TAFF race to NASFiC, i. e. the Pemmi-con in Canada, July 2023. The administrators were the previous winners Mike Lowrey (North America) and Fia Karlsson (Europe).

The administrators announced the race on 13 October 2022, with nominations deadline on 4 December; by 10 November no candidates had come up and a special appeal went out. In the end there were two candidates – Sandra Bond (UK; 1st time running) and Mikołaj Kowalewski (Poland; his 2nd run after he ended up 3rd of 4 in the 2022 TAFF Race). The voting took place from 9 December to 11 April 2023.

Candidate NAm (+ RoW) Eur Total Votes
Sandra Bond 33 48 81
Mikołaj Kowalewski 6 45 51
No Preference 3 2 5
Total 42 95 137

Note: 2 votes from the "Rest of the World" ("meaning Asia and Australia") were added up to North America to preserve privacy. Since Bond won an absolute majority of first place votes, no run-offs were needed. Also, Kowalewski would have failed the 20 % rule in America (like in 2022); this was originally mis-calculated by the administrators.[1]

There were also 5 votes sent in completely blank as a form as TAFF donation and thus discounted. "There were two double votes (with the same preferences), and 3 votes that were considered invalid due to not containing the minimum donation fee of €3/£3/$4. None of these votes would have made a difference in the race." The sum of ballot donations was Euro: 231.04, Pound: 582.67, Dollar: 414.82.[2]

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