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In 2017, TAFF sent a North American to Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, Finland. The administrators were Curt Phillips (United States, 2014 winner) and Anna Raftery (UK, 2016 winner). They issued no newsletter, just a few brief announcements online: The race was announced in October 2016 (day unspecified), with nominations "open through the end of November". Voting started in December, with deadline of March 4, 2017; in February this was extended until Monday April 17, the end of Eastercon 2017 "after much deliberation, consultation, and poking from interested fans … in order to encourage more votes, especially those who will be enjoying a convention over that weekend". The winners were announced a day later.

Candidate N. Am Eur Total
Sarah Gulde 9 9 18
Alissa McKersie 30 29 59
John Purcell 48 11 59
Hold Over Funds 0 1 1
No Preference 5 2 7
Total Votes 92 52 144

The TAFF rules require candidates to receive at least 20% of the vote in both North America and Europe. Sarah Gulde did not reach this, so was eliminated together with Hold Over Funds and No Preference; the votes were recounted using their second place preferences. In the following years, Gulde ran again and was second out of 4 in the 2019 TAFF Race and the winner out of 2 in 2024 TAFF Race.

Candidate N. Am Eur Total
Alissa McKersie 32 35 67
John Purcell 54 14 68
Total Votes 86 49 135

John Purcell became the delegate by a single vote. He visited the UK before the Worldcon and published his trip report in installments between November 2017 and March 2018. All three candidates had "posted campaign material online."

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