2017 DUFF Race

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The 2017 DUFF race was to send a delegate from North America to Australia/New Zealand. The only candidate was Paul Weimer.

Candidate NA ANZ Total
Paul Weimer 19 18 37
Hold Over Funds 2 0 2
No Preference 0 1 1
Totals 21 19 40

The DUFF administrators were Clare McDonald-Sims in Australasia and Lucy Huntzinger (on behalf of Juanita Coulson) in North America.

Weimer's platform was: "I'm a podcaster for the Skiffy and Fanty podcast, the SFF audio podcast, a noted SF/F book reviewer and a regular panelist at local cons. I am also an amateur photographer. I have only been to one international con, the Worldcon in London in 2014, and would love to broaden my international fandom connections. If I have the honor of being selected, I aim to build the links I already have with Australian fandom (in things like being a prior participant in The Australian SF Snapshot) into face to face interviews, meetings, and more with fans and genre folk at Continuum and elsewhere in Australia. Have camera and recorder and ready to travel!"

Weimer attended Continuum 13 and published a trip report, "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" in 2017.

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