1989 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site Selection for the 1989 Worldcon was conducted by ConFederation, the 1986 Worldcon. (1989 was the first Worldcon to be selected three years in advance, so ConFederation ran site selection for both the 1988 Worldcon and the 1989 Worldcon.)

The only bidder on the ballot was Boston in '89 which won and went on to run Noreascon 3. (The New York in '89 bid did not file and so was not on the site selection ballot.)


Bidder Mail At-con Total
Boston in '89 426 652 1078
No Preference 55 56 111
None of the Above 20 40 60
Write-ins 8 19 27
Total 509 767 1276
Void ballots 1 3 4

Write-ins included: Myles Bos' House: 9 Rottnest: 3 New York: 2 Benson, AZ: 2 One each: Boxboro, Cucamonga, Highmore, New Orleans, St. Louis, Sydney Cove, Tallahassee, Washington, Wilmot Mountain, Sheep Meadow, and "Bruce Pelz' house in Flushing".

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