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At Pittcon, the 1960 Worldcon in Pittsburgh, L. Sprague de Camp was parliamentarian. Some time after the meeting, de Camp and Poul Anderson published the meeting minutes in the fanzine Amra. The minutes were written in a form of English imagined by Anderson which was entirely Germanic, and contained no words derived directly or indirectly from Latin or Greek. (Anderson had also published a short article in ASF on basic chemistry in this dialect.)

18th World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering Pittsburgh, Pennswood
The following upshot was reached at the Pittthing Business Moot, Sunday, September 4, 1960:

(1) __Inwriting Gild__: The inwriting gild for outlanders (meaning folk not living in North Vinland) shall be one daler, but such out-landers shall betale a further two dalers upon coming to the Forgathering. The inwriting gild for North Vinlanders shall be --D--2.00, but a further --D--1.00 shall be betaled upon their coming to the Forgathering.

(2) __Indraft of "Hugin" Meeds__: The indraft of the yearly "Hugin" meeds shall be onelikened as heeds the firework ship (but not need-fully the footdeal), on the groundsel of the indraft by Ben Jason, inled at the 1955 Forgathering. Thane [Jason is thanked for his work in forthbringing this indraft.

(3) __Meed Kinds__: The Headman of the Pittthing is bidden to name a sair outchosen to bethink forthlayings for the onelikening of the "Hugin" Meed kinds. The outchosen will gaintell at the next yearly Forgathering. (LOOK WELL: The dealship of this outchosen will be forthsaid later, after all dealsmen have ontaken their namings.)

(4) __Polling for Meeds__: The workly polling for morrowish "Hugin" meeds, but not outnamings for the meeds, shall be inheld to betaled dealsmen of the World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering at which the meeds will be made. (LOOK WELL: This forsetting is binding on the 1961 Forgathering. It was eyesightly the hencelook of the foresetting that "betaled deals-men" be bethought those who have betaled the --D--2.00 waybefore inwriting gild -- --D--1.00 in the falling of overseas dealsmen. Otherwise the polling could not find stead save at the Forgathering itself, and it would be unmightly for the meeds to be readied and incut in time for forth-giving.)

(5) __Inothering in Forgathering Times__: A foresetting to name a sair outchosen to forthlay choosy times for the yearly Forgathering, other than the Work Day weekend, was boarded until the 1961 Business Moot.

(6) __Mail Polling for Forgathering Stead__: A foreputting to chose the stead of the World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering by written choosekegel, in the same way as the "Hugin" meeds but with the deadline for incatching of pollings at midnight on the first day of the Forgathering, was boarded without a foresetting.

(7) __Forgathering Stead__: Seattle was onemannishly chosen to be the stead of the 1961 World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering.

Moot Lawman: L. Sprague de Camp
Anglo-Saxon Oversetter: Poul Anderson

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