Up To Now

An history of science fiction fandom, written by Jack Speer covering the 1930s up to 1939. It was first published in Full Length Articles 2 and distributed in through FAPA and at NYcon I. In 1962, it was reprinted in Dick Eney's A Sense of FAPA and again in 1994 in a 100-copy run by Arcturus Press.

Up to Now covers such highlights of the 1930s as First Staple War, the ISA-SFL Clash, numbered fandom, and Wollheim and Michel, seen, of course, through Speer's biases. It is an excellent contrast with Moskowitz's The Immortal Storm.

A scan of the 2008 edition published by Robert Lichtman can be found at http://efanzines.com/UpToNow

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