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Up To Now by Jack Speer, 1939

Up To Now: The First Months of 1938<——>Up To Now: The Conventions

The month of June in this year set a record for vital fan activities that had never been equaled before and probably will not be for a long time to come. It was not the end of the Second Fandom, but it was the climax.

Early in the month came the second half of the Third FAPA Mailing, almost simultaneously with the Newark Convention. Later, the FAPA election ballots were mailed out. Toward the middle of the month the Second British Convention was held. And to end the month came the Fourth Mailing.

The Third Mailing was sent out in two sections which amounted, except legally, to two separate mailings, and a longer time elapsed between them than between the second half and the Fourth Mailing. Mailing 3B marked the end of the first period of the FAPA, when it struggled for existence. There were many fine little magazines, and in general the half-mailing was of great literary interest, but contained much less controversial material than was to follow.

Up To Now: The First Months of 1938<——>Up To Now: The Conventions

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