Raymond Z. Gallun Award

An award presented by the annual Northeast convention I-CON beginning in 1987, the Gallun Award (originally the I-CON Lifetime Achievement Award), is for "outstanding contributions to the genre of science fiction." Possibly moribund.

The award is named for SF author Raymond Z. Gallun.

Date Winner
1987 Donald A. Wollheim
1988 Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
1989 Hal Clement
1990 Sam Moskowitz
1991 David A. Kyle
1992 Robert Sheckley
1993 L Sprague de Camp & Catherine Crook de Camp
1994 Conrad Ruppert
1995 Forrest J Ackerman
1996 Damon Knight & Kate Wilhelm
1997 Julius Schwartz & Harlan Ellison
1998 Frederik Pohl
1999 Carol Emshwiller
2000 Algis Budrys
2001 Arthur C. Clarke
2002 Ron Goulart
2003 No Award
2004 No Award
2005 Ben Bova
2006 Tom Doherty

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