Ghost of Honor

It is moderately common for conventions to deliberately list a deceased person as a guest of honor with the intention of drawing special attention to that person's contributions to the field. This is slightly controversial — some feel that it is tacky — but the majority opinion seems to be that if done with a bit of dignity, it's a Good Thing.

The most common title is "Ghost of Honor" — possibly the pun involved is at the root of many people's objections to the practice — but "Memorial Guest" and ''Posthumous GoH" and other such combinations are also used.

This title is never used for a GoH who died after being invited. The normal practice in a case like that is to continue to list the person as a GoH, but to note that they are deceased. Sometimes an additional GoH is invited and added to the list; sometimes not. But it's hyper-tacky to delist a GoH for any reason, and certainly to do so because they died.