Bermuda Triangle Bid

A hoax bid launched by Neil Rest, Joni Stopa and others at L.A.Con II for the 1988 Worldcon. The support the bid received as Rest was thinking about it caused John Guidry to launch his own Worldcon bid for New Orleans the same night. The bid is also referred to as The Boat or The Boat Bid.

Many fans found the hoax amusing enough to work out details of the proposed Worldcon: ship, itinerary, costs, etc., and to produce bid literature. Apparently more than a few voters believed it to be real.

NOLACon 2 won the vote with the Bermuda Triangle coming in second in a field of four. (This was as much a measure how lackluster the bids were that year as anything else.) By the end of the con where voting was conducted, Rest was begging people to vote against the Bermuda Triangle. See 1988 Site Selection results for details.

Bidders: New Orleans in '88, Cincinnati in '88, St. Louis in '88.