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(1943 -- June 30, 2009)


Khen Moore founded Kubla Khan in Nashville and chaired it for around thirty years. He was an avid collector of SF art and presented the Frank R. Paul Award. He and his then-wife, Lou Moore ran the art shows for the 1978 Worldcon and 1979 NASFiC. He was past president and founding member, Nashville Science Fiction Club.

He co-chaired DeepSouthCon 24 in 1986 with Sue Francis, and chaired DeepSouthCon 33 in 1995 (and the Nashville in '95 bid which led to it.) He was on the bid committee for the Louisville in '79 NASFiC bid (which started as a Ken-Moore-led Nashville in '79 hoax bid) and the L&N '94 Worldcon bid. ConCave was begun in part as an offshoot of an idea he had to make UpperSouthClave a traveling convention. He made a lot of Swill.

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