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(1946 --)

Tom Veal ia a con-running fan who chaired Chicon 6, the 58th Worldcon. He had previously been co-chairman of the Orlando in 1992 Worldcon bid and oversaw the WSFS functions (business meeting, site selection, Hugo Award balloting) at MagiCon. He was a member of the Seattle in 1981 Worldcon bid committee. He chaired Windycon X. He is a member of ISFiC and has served as an officer. He is a member of FANAC.

Since Chicon 2000, he has been treasurer of Windycon, curator of the Pro Photo Gallery and co-host of the annual Prime Time Party at Loscon. He won the Big Heart Award in 2013.

In 2016 he married fellow fan Becky Thomson.

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