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ISFiC, Inc. (the rarely used expansion of the acronym is "Illinois Science Fiction in Chicago") was founded in 1973 as a coalition of various Chicago area science fiction clubs to sponsor Windycon and prepare Chicago fandom to run a Worldcon. Its governing body is a self-perpetuating board of nine directors, elected for staggered three-year terms. For many years, it operated as a "social club" but is now a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

In addition to being the parent organization for an annual convention, it was intended to serve as a clearing house for fan activities in Illinois. The founders of the organization included Larry Propp, Mark Aronson and Lynne Aronson, Ann Cass, Jon Stopa and Joni Stopa and Mike Resnick and Carol Resnick.

Each summer, ISFiC holds a small picnic, named Picnicon.

ISFIC was the sponsoring body for three Worldcons: Chicon IV, Chicon V, and Chicon 6.

In conjunction with Windycon, ISFiC sponsors an annual writing contest for new authors. The first winner of the ISFiC Writers Contest was Richard Chwedyk in 1986. Chwedyk would go on the win the Nebula Award.

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