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A prozine.

Startling Stories was published 1939-1955, founded by Leo Margulies as a companion magazine to Thrilling Wonder Stories (formerly Wonder Stories). They were known as the Standard Twins.

Startling featured a novel in each issue, with Stanley G. Weinbaum's The Black Flame in its first issue. Other SF authors whose novels were published in subsequent issues included Jack Williamson, Edmond Hamilton, Fredric Brown, Arthur C. Clarke, and Henry Kuttner.

The letter column was called "The Ether Vibrates," and fanzine reviews (giving prices and addresses) became a regular feature, the first such in any prozine. (The letter column featured Sergeant Saturn and his drink, Xeno -- Sergeant Saturn greatly embarrassed many fans.)

Editors included Mort Weisinger, Oscar J. Friend, Sam Merwin, Jr., and Samuel Mines.

The last issue, dated Fall, 1955, included stories by James Gunn, Mack Reynolds, Margaret St. Clair, and Bryce Walton; and illustrations by Ed Emsh and Virgil Finlay.

The total run of Startling Stories was 99 issues.

A tribute to Startling Stories by Jon D. Swartz appeared in May, 2016 issue National Fantasy Fan (IA).

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