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(1894 -- 1948)

Hans Wesso was the professional name of German-born magazine artist Hans Waldemer Wessolowski. He was educated at the Berlin Royal Academy, and worked his way through school doing cartoon work.

Wesso (the byline he used for much of his work) moved to the United States in 1914, and worked for many years as a magazine illustrator. His first SF art was done in 1929 for Amazing.

A great traveler, Wesso traveled around the world twice.

He was one of the most influential SF artists of the 1930s, doing magazine covers as well as interior illustrations. In addition to Amazing, he did artwork for Amazing Quarterly, Astonishing Stories, Captain Future, Dynamic, Fantastic, Marvel Science Stories, Startling Stories, Super Science Stories, Strange Tales, Strange Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Unknown.

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